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COVID-19 Update

June 2021: As regulated health professionals, Triada Health Ottawa is open for all services and treatments.

Abundant safety measures continue to be followed including advanced cleaning, parking lot "waiting room", electronic and/or phone-based Covid pre-screening, temperature checks, hand sanitizing, limited appointment capacity, and masking of staff and patients.

250B Greenbank Road, Suite 233.

Triada Health Ottawa was founded in 2019 by a group of female practitioners who are passionate about health care and offering their patients a welcoming and comfortable environment. Triada offers acupuncture, as provided by registered acupuncturists with extensive training in traditional Chinese medicine, evidence-informed Chiropractic with a focus on joint mobility, soft tissue release, and rehab, as well as massage therapy by registered massage therapists. Receipts for insurance purposes are available for all of our services, and we work cooperatively with RCMP and veterans affairs through blue cross. Booking is available by phone at 613-695-1213 or online at

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NOTE: During COVID-19 many businesses have modified hours. We regularly check-in with merchants to update hours displayed here.

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